Der Materialspezialist Sabotage OFF/ALL

Der-materialspezialist SABOTAGE is based on a normal pimple-inward rubber but has a unique and new rubber compound, which in combination with a new manufacturing process, nearly has no friction.

The newly developed green high-tech sponge of the allround / offensive version of the SABOTAGE is ideal for players which have a offensive disruptional style with disruptional psyeudo-loops, aggressive side swipes or shots. Due to the harder sponge, these shots are more disruptional and spinny and thus harder to return for the opponent.

The best spin reversal you get with 1,0 mm. The 2,0 mm version is the slowest.The 1,5 mm version is a perfect compromise.

Note on installation and care:
Each Sabotage rubber comes with a free MSP-DK4 adhesive foil.
Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
Please remove any production residues with our microfibre cloth SBS.
Regular cleaning with PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cares and protects your rubber!

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