Der Materialspezialist Sabotage DEF/ALL

Der materialspezialist SABOTAGE is based on a normal pimple-inward rubber but has a unique and new rubber compound, which in combination with a new manufacturing process, nearly has no friction.

The defensive oriented version with the classic dampening sponge allows control optimized play even with a thinner sponge thickness at the table and from a distance. Hereby the classic pushblock creates spinny blocks and also allows for disruptional side swipes which should assure a point.The control is enormously high due to the newly developed thin top-rubber. 

The best spin reversal you get with 0,5 mm. The 1,5 mm version is the slowest.The 1,0 mm version is a perfect compromise.

Note on installation and care:
Each Sabotage rubber comes with a free MSP-DK4 adhesive foil.
Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
Please remove any production residues with our microfibre cloth SBS.
Regular cleaning with PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cares and protects your rubber!

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